Ready made Factory, Warehouse construction contract

From experience in designing and construction of factory since 2004 until present, with more than 200 buildings and 100,000 square meters in construction. We possess the expertise and can design as well as construct strong factories that are suitable for work, modern, and inexpensive.

Creating trust in Thai people
with NS Bluestope Australia Innovation

We chose Galvanized steel and Metal sheet to use as structure cladding the walls and roof from RANBUILD which is a BLUESCOPE product that has been accepted worldwide regarding its quality and the production standard that are also insured. The metal structure is insured up to 12 years and natural color Zincalume Metal Sheet is insured up to 20 years. While Colorbond Metal Sheet is insured up to 30 years.

Steel structure and metal sheet production factory is located in Rayong, therefore it is an assured to be able to order more for further maintenance or expansion. Which is more trustworthy than steel structure from China or other coutnries.

RDS (RANBUILD Design System : RDS)

Ranbuild design system help calculate the location of the factory construction and chose a location with the future in mind. Specify the location of the front door, windows, vent, and lightings. So, you’ll see every aspect before the actual construction.

Control the expense to stay within the budget

Because you’ll see every steps of the design through the genius RDS program, you’ll be able to specify your budget.

On time delivery

Just wait until the concrete floor hardens, we then can start assembling the steel structure right away, and since everything has been prepared before the construction, it will be quick and easy. Even if an expansion is required. It can be easy.

Factory plan

There are plenty of factory, warehouse design to choose from that are all modern and suitable for use.


  • พื้นที่ 100-300 ตร.ม.
  • หน้ากว้าง 8-15 เมตร
  • สูง 3-6 เมตร
  • ที่ดิน 50-150 ตร.วา
  • จุดเด่น ก่อสร้างเร็ว


  • พื้นที่ 300-1,000 ตร.ม.
  • หน้ากว้าง 12-20 เมตร
  • สูง 6-9 เมตร
  • ที่ดิน 150-400 ตร.วา
  • จุดเด่น มีผนังก่ออิฐส่วนล่าง


  • พื้นที่ 1,000-4,000 ตร.ม.
  • หน้ากว้าง 20-35 เมตร
  • สูง 7-10 เมตร
  • ที่ดิน 1-4 ไร่
  • จุดเด่น กว้างมาก รองรับทุกการใช้งาน

Make to order

  • พื้นที่ 1,000 – 10,000 ตร.ม.
  • ที่ดิน 2 ไร่ขึ้นไป
  • จุดเด่น ตอบโจทย์ทุกความต้องการ

Construct warehouse with RANBUILD

RANBUILD is a world leading company in Galvanized steel structure production. To be used in construction of Cold formed Galvanized Steel Buildings that is part of NS Bluescope (Thailand) Ltd. A leading company in steel industry that has been trusted from Australia, as well as Asian Pacific and North America. We are an expert in readymade steel structure innovation that answer every business problem with production technique and modern materials with the price of Thai people. We also accel in 3 qualities which are.

Fully Answered before construction with RDS Program
Ranbuild Design System: RDS is a genius program developed by Ranbuild that helps in calculating the geography of where the factory will be constructed. The selection will be made with future expansion in mind. Specify the location of the entrance, windows, ventrilation and lighting so you’ll see every aspect of the real construction.

Control the expense, does not exceed the budget.
Because you’ll see every step of the design in details through the RDS Genius Program, you’ll be able to approximate and know the cost of construction right away.

On time delivery
Just waiting for the cement to harden and we’ll be able to assemble the steel structure right away, and since everything has been prepared beforehand. The consutrction process will be quick and easy. Even if additional lodging consutrction are required. It can be done easily by adding walls, roof, doors, and windows completely.

From extensive experience since 1949 from Australia. We are certain that this is the readymade steel building that is up to standard. Good value and will bring you assurance as well as success in your business.